Feb 19

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That Watershed Moment When You Realize…

…that water in the middle of the country eventually makes its way to the ocean. No, seriously. Listen up:

Pictured here is water, on its long migration to the ocean. (via Lewis Clarke)

You might think that people living in the middle of the United States are very removed from ocean issues, but the reality is their actions have far-reaching consequences. It’s an interconnected world, so water quality problems in cities and inland areas enter the watershed and then slowly but surely make their way to the coast.

Perhaps conservationist Aldo Leopold summed it up best when he said, “The land is one organism. Its parts, like our own parts, compete with each other and cooperate with each other.”

Pollution in a watershed can enter streams, travel down rivers, and wind up in the ocean. That means cleaning up our coasts really does require everyone’s help. By using less fertilizer and disposing of waste properly, even the landlocked amongst us can play a part in protecting global oceans.

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