Dec 26

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The Rain Barrel Barrels Back

The humble rain barrel is an easy-does-it way to save water and money. Listen up: 

Fill ‘er up. (via Arlington County)

Most old technologies fade into obscurity, but the classic rain barrel is making a splashy comeback. Why? Because it’s an old-fashioned idea that still works.

The barrel collects the water that usually pours down your gutters and often into storm drains. Then you can use it during dry spells for things like watering plants or washing a car.

Plus, rain barrels are no longer a humdrum system of yesteryear. They’re useful, efficient, easy to install, and there are many modern designs available to complement your landscaping.

With a rain barrel under your downspouts, you can save and use hundreds of gallons of water that you’d otherwise have to take fresh from the spigot. Why take a rain check on that worthy opportunity?

Get schooled:

Build a rain barrel with a little help from Okanagan WaterWise:

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