Dec 27

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Is Your Toilet Running?

Then you’d better catch it! Because a leaky lav could waste hundreds of gallons of water a year. Listen up:

Become an expert when it comes to water-friendly toilet tasks. (via CEA/Flickr)

Would you purposefully flush hundreds of gallons of unused water straight down the drain each day? Probably not—but if you have a leaky toilet, you could be wasting that much without knowing it.

Karen Wirth of the EPA’s WaterSense program explains how to check your toilet for leaks.

“If you have a tank-type toilet, place a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If that color shows up in the bowl within 15 seconds without flushing it, that’s a sure sign that you have a leak in your toilet.”

So try the tank-trick to see if your toilet leaks, and if it does—find the culprit. The most common cause is a worn-out flapper, which is easy and inexpensive to fix.

The best things in life are leak-free (at least in the bathroom).

Do it yourself:

The fine print:


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