Jan 06

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iTree Hydro

Technology goes out on a limb for clean water. Listen up:

(via Illinois DNR)

Trees slow, absorb, and purify rainfall. That helps decrease runoff and stormwater pollution.

Now, a software tool called I-Tree Hydro helps city and regional planners measure the exact water benefits of tree cover versus impervious surfaces in their community.

Ted Endreny of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry says by simulating the impacts of adding more trees…

Endreny: “The model will illustrate reduction in the total volume of stormwater, the slowing of the peak stormwater, and a reduction in the total amount of pollutants in the stormwater.”

This provides information that communities can use to better protect their local waters.

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Listen to Ted Endreny talk about the iTree tools and the theory behind them:

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