Jan 16

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From Vacant Lot to Rain Garden Plot

Why settle for a flood-prone eyesore, when you could instead turn that empty lot into a park-like urban oasis? Listen up:

(via Save the Rain)

Rain barrels and gardens help control stormwater, and make your yard beautiful too! (via Save the Rain)

Syracuse, New York had a problem. Heavy rain events were overwhelming the water treatment system and shooting a mix of stormwater and sewage into a nearby lake that supplies the city’s drinking water.

But instead of building a new treatment facility, the city turned vacant lots into urban forests and rain gardens, explains Tom Rhoads of the Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection. He says runoff is diverted to these spaces so it can slowly filter into the ground.

“In lieu of creating a big tank where we literally would tear a neighborhood down,” comments Rhoads, “we’re using green infrastructure practices to rebuild neighborhoods.”

Making better use of rainfall while creating park-like spaces for the community to enjoy? Double-win.

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Tom Rhoads describes the amount of water saved each year by urban forests and rain gardens.

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