Jan 30

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Are you rain ready?

A new tool for assessing your flood risk:

Many people in the Great Lakes region have experienced the misfortune of finding water in the basement during heavy rain.

Now a free online tool called ‘My Rain Ready’ can help homeowners assess and address their flood risk.

Marcella Bondie Keenan of the Chicago-based Center for Neighborhood Technology says users answer questions about their home and landscaping. The tool estimates their flood risk and provides custom recommendations.

Keenan: “So things as simple as making sure their gutters are clear and making sure that the street sewer grates are clear.”

Or more advanced actions such as replacing a concrete patio with a garden that will absorb stormwater, and help make a home more rain-ready.

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Listen to Marcella Bondie Keenan describe some of the reasons for flooding in the Chicago region:

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