Feb 17

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Property Values vs. the Environment

A plan for regulating the water levels in Lake Ontario may
improve wetland health, but speed property erosion.


Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

Waves in Lake Ontario – photo courtesy SYSS Mouse

Homeowner rights versus a healthy Lake Ontario ecosystem… on this CurrentCast.

The Canadian and U.S. International Joint Commission sets Great Lakes Policy. For the last fifty years, they have regulated the water level in Lake Ontario to minimize highs and lows. This policy helps protect lakeshore properties from wave damage and erosion, but harms wetland ecosystems.

So the IJC proposed a plan that allows a natural pattern of high and low water. Environmentalists applauded, but Niagara County Legislator David Godfrey says say the plan will put property on the south side of the lake at risk.

Godfrey: “Lake Ontario is actually tipped a little bit to the south. So the storms are much more violent on this side.”

It’s a local dispute, but it illustrates the frequent need to balance environmental concerns with individual homeowner rights.

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Niagara County Legislator, David Godfrey

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