Jan 02

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The Ins and Outs of a Septic System

Proper care and maintenance is key for maintaining private septic systems. Don’t let this info go to waste:

(via Snohomish County)

Groundwater’s journey, from well to drainfield. (via Snohomish County)

In a septic system, a pipe runs from the house to a septic tank where solids get separated from wastewater, which then flows out of the tank and into a drain field.

Terry Gibb, senior educator with Michigan State University Extension, says moving less water through your system gives your tank more time to filter.

Gibb: “So conserve water, and one of the biggies is spacing out laundry during the week.”

She says liquid detergent is best, as powdered soaps can bind and become solid.

How else can you help your system? Don’t put toxic chemicals, medications, and antibacterial soap in, and keep an eye out for gurgling pipes, slow running drains, and standing water around your tank.

(via Terry Gibb)

Senior Educator Terry Gibb (via Terry Gibb)

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Listen to Terry Gibb describe some important steps for repairing your septic system.

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