Oct 27

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Pine Barrens


The southern part of New Jersey is home to a million-acre tree-filled wilderness.

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Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

An ecological gem in the midst of a populated area… on this CurrentCast.

In the southern part of New Jersey lies a tree-filled wilderness that sprawls over a million acres.

Known as the Pine Barrens due to its sandy, nutrient-poor soil, the area is a kaleidoscope of public and private forests, wetlands, and streams.

Carlton Montgomery is Executive Director of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.

Carlton Montgomery: “The kind of iconic experience of the Pine Barrens is paddling in canoes and kayaks down these beautiful streams that we have here. It’s slow moving, twisting and winding streams that are really astonishingly beautiful.”

As are the area’s unique plants and animals – like the Pink Lady’s Slipper orchid and Pine Barrens tree frog.

Carlton Montgomery

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