Oct 28

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Carp Against Aquatic Weeds


Chinese Grass Carp are an effective,
low-cost method of removing weeds from ponds.

Image credit: USGS

Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

The gluttonous grass carp… on this CurrentCast.

Like a PacMan devouring dots, the Chinese Grass Carp eats aquatic plants, ridding ponds of invasive weeds.

The fish are used in several states to control problem plants like hydrilla. They’re a low cost alternative to herbicides and mechanical weed removal.

However, Bill Haller, Acting Director at the Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, says with too many carp, all the plants will disappear, affecting waterfowl and fisheries.

Haller: “The problem is if you overstock, you can’t get ‘em out.”

So sterile carp are used in small numbers to play it safe. They are difficult to catch, so are best used in golf course and condominium ponds.

Haller: “That’s kind of the ideal where the grass carp is – where you really don’t want any vegetation.”

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