Dec 23

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Everglades Restoration

The Everglades are important for water quality
and flood protection in south Florida.

Photo credit: National Park Service

Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

The ripple effect of a river of grass…on this CurrentCast.

They say you cannot pluck a flower without disturbing a star. Nowhere is that metaphor more visible than in the Everglades. When the wide and slow-moving water was diverted into channels to accommodate development, it altered the entire system.

Teets: “Many people don’t realize that a healthy Everglades is really key for recharging our groundwater system, the aquifers where we get the vast majority of our drinking water from.”

That’s Tom Teets of the South Florida Water Management District. He says the ongoing Everglades Restoration is improving water quality and providing better flood protection for South Florida.

Thomas Teets, SFWMD

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