Dec 22

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California Water Recycling

Recycled water has become a source of water for irrigation.

A homeowner fills 55-gallon drums with recycled water at a free fill station operated by Dublin San Ramon Services District. Regulators gave the agency special permission to provide recycled water directly to homeowners to help them keep their landscaping alive during California’s severe drought.

Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

Using recycled water to weather a disastrous drought… on this CurrentCast.

The lure of free recycled water has turned one Bay Area pumping station into an oasis.

Public demand is overwhelming for an innovative program in Dublin, California that provides thousands of gallons of recycled water to more than 200 residents every day. The water, though clean, is solely to slake thirsty landscapes, and not meant for drinking.

According to operations manager Dan Gallagher, the Dublin drive-thru is now a prototype for other city water stations. Gridlock is the only downside.

“Probably what’s more of a limiting factor is how many residents in their pick-up trucks and SUVs we can get in here every day to fill-up with recycled water.”

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Dan Gallagher, Operations Manager, Dublin San Ramon Services District



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