Dec 15

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100 Days of Blue Campaign

Author Wallace J. Nichols challenges people to reconnect to water.


Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

The intangible benefits of healthy, wild water… on this CurrentCast.

It’s no secret that being near water reduces stress and boosts creativity. But when it comes to conservation, we rarely discuss these emotional benefits.

Wallace J. Nichols hopes to change that. Nichols is the author of “Blue Mind” – a book about our psychological connection to the water. To celebrate the book’s release, he has challenged people to spend time by an ocean, lake, or stream each day for one hundred days.

Wallace J. Nichols

Nichols: “The idea is to get people to think about their water, their local water, differently – to appreciate the cognitive, emotional, and social value of healthy waterways.”

Perhaps that will inspire people to protect water for personal – not just environmental – reasons.

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