Jul 25

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Are Your Household Cleaners Water-friendly?

From your spray bottle to our shared waters, common cleaning toxins can dirty up waterways big time—listen up:

Household hazards, oh my!

Household cleaning products that may pollute water

Sketchy chemicals that lurk in common household products can be a drain on water quality. (via CBDM)

It all comes out in the wash with common household cleaners, according to Aislinn Gauchay, assistant director of the Shedd Aquarium’s sustainability program.

The fact is, harsh cleaning chemicals as well as pesticides often end up in the watershed, where they can harm creatures that rely on good water quality to survive.

“Those really delicate animals—like amphibians that breathe through their skin and are so connected to the water—are so susceptible to things like that,” she explains.

Her suggestion: If you wouldn’t consume a product yourself, then carefully consider whether or not it’s worth the implications to our aquatic ecosystems to use it. There are often less harmful alternatives, so you can have a clean house and clean conscience!

Get schooled:

Aislinn Gauchay at the Shedd

Sustainability pro Aislinn Gauchay (via Shedd Aquarium)

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