Apr 15

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A state that takes trout fishing seriously

Eastern Brook Trout (image via skeeze/Pixabay)

More than a hundred years ago, Pennsylvania started raising trout in hatcheries and releasing them in state waters. Today, more than four million adult trout are released each year.

Gary Smith of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission says, “The primary purpose of our stocked trout program is to provide recreation for our anglers.”

So he says when deciding how many fish to release in an area, the Commission considers the number of anglers it’s likely to attract. That means considering…

Smith: “Public access, how many parking spaces are there.”

Recreational fishing is an $800 million business in Pennsylvania, and with the stocking program, there are of plenty of trout to go around.

 Get Schooled:

Gary Smith says the Commission will stock between 30 trout per acre, up to 520 trout per acre. Listen to more about how that decision is made:

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