Feb 14

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Some big fish to fry in midwestern rivers

Bighead carp (via USGS)

Bighead and silver carp can grow up to four feet long and gobble up food that native fish rely on. These invasive fish are in the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois rivers. And if they get into the Great Lakes, they could do enormous damage.

John Dettmers, of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, says one strategy for keeping these massive carp out of the lakes is to find a place for them on our plates. The fish are considered a delicacy in Asia, but have never really caught on as food in the states. Dettmers thinks chefs and marketers could change that.

“Being able to find ways that people can enjoy the fish would be a great way to reduce the risk of big head and silver carp getting into the Great Lakes,” says Dettmers.


Listen to Dettmers explain some of the challenges to getting carp on the menu:

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