Apr 24

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Prevent Stormwater Pollution Like a Pro, Easily

Contaminated stormwater runoff happens. But it doesn’t have to! Get inspired:

Oh, the places polluted water can go… (via Bidgee/Wikimedia)

Trees love rain. Gardens love rain. Basically the planet loves good rain. But what happens in a city where much of that rainwater is not absorbed and filtered naturally into the land—and instead runs right off it?

This: It washes over those hard urban surfaces, like streets and rooftops, picking up pollutants all along its not-so-merry way.

Rachel Herbert of the EPA’s Office of Wastewater Management explains the problem further.

“As the stormwater flows over these areas, it picks up things like trash and chemicals, sand and grit, bacteria, other pollutants, and then it flows into our local rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans—often without treatment to remove these sorts of pollutants.”

She advises that no matter how far you live from the water, you can help by always remembering to:

  • Avoid littering
  • Check your car for leaks
  • Pick up pet waste
  • Properly dispose of paint, chemicals, and used motor oil

This will help protect both local and distant water resources which is something we all can appreciate.

Get schooled:

The fine print:


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