Dec 10

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Stormwater Pollution in Winter

Shoveling frequently during storms and using just one entrance into your home can reduce the amount of pollution going into local water each winter.

Image credit: Peter Facey

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Preventing stormwater pollution in winter… on this CurrentCast.

Salt, sand, chemical concoctions, and even fertilizers are used to melt ice and provide traction in wintry climates. But when the snow and ice melt, those same items, which provide a safe environment, wash into storm drains and local water supplies.

The side-effects of these common winter products include reducing oxygen levels in water, burning and killing vegetation, or increasing sediment buildup in the water – all of which can degrade aquatic habitats.

So to stay safe – and reduce the amount of pollution going into the water this winter – try these tips: shovel frequently during storms, use only one entrance to your home, and use just as much product as necessary – and no more.

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