Apr 01

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Managing Stormwater and Sewage

Image credit: Riverlife

In many parts of Pittsburgh, stormwater and sewage are carried in the same pipes. So during heavy rain, the system can overflow, and dump untreated sewage directly into the city’s rivers.

“As we get more and more rain, it just is an outdated way of managing the flow of stormwater. And it’s just disgusting,” says Stephan Bontrager of the nonprofit Riverlife.

He says to better protect the rivers and people’s health, the city is working to upgrade its aging infrastructure.

Pittsburgh is also partnering with nonprofits and land owners to restore watersheds and plant rain gardens…

“… so that you can capture a lot of that stormwater before it ever even hits the sewer system.”

Hear Bontrager explain the cumulative benefit of having rain gardens in different neighborhoods: 

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