Oct 19

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Dog Waste: More Than Just a Pedestrian Problem

Our canine companions bring us so much joy—until their movements make it to our waters. Plug your nose and listen up:

Use ’em, for the love of clean shoes AND clean water! (via Elvert Barnes)

There are roughly 83 million dogs in the U.S., and each one produces a hefty 275 pounds of droppings a year.

Quick gross-out moment: It is estimated that almost half of dog owners do not pick up after their beloved pooches. This is a problem because, in addition to yucking up sidewalks, those droppings can run off into our waters—with harmful bacteria like E. coli and fecal coliform in tow.

“When you think about it collectively, it’s a huge problem,” says Jill Hoffman, executive director of the White River Alliance. She explains that dog waste has been linked to beach closures (yuck) as well as drinking water contamination (double yuck).

“It’s a pretty substantial public health risk that a lot of people aren’t aware of,” she adds.

So to keep our waters clean, disposing of pet business must be everyone’s business.

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