May 04

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Save the Sewers, Catch Some Rain

A growing network of rain gardens . . . Learn more:

Rain garden at the Detroit Science Center (via Wilsonious)

A group of non-profits are mobilizing volunteers to install rain gardens in residential neighborhoods in Detroit. These specially designed gardens trap water before it can overwhelm the sewer system, and keep it from running across surfaces where it could pick up pollution and carry it into rivers and streams.

In order to have a garden installed for free, Elois Moore of Keep Growing Detroit says she had to attend trainings and help others install their own rain gardens.

“Our commitment is we have to go to at least two people and help them. And see we’re building up momentum and building up experience on how to do it,” explains Moore.

The gardens are beautiful and help protect Detroit’s water.

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Elois Moore talks in detail about her new raingarden.

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