Apr 10

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Science Sets Sail in Saginaw Bay

Science gets personal when students trade their desks for the decks of a tall ship. Listen up:

When it comes to environmental conservation, Appledore IV puts the wind in kids’ sails (via BaySail)

What does a tall ship in Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay have in common with a classroom? Students, when it’s part of Baysail’s Science Under Sail. This program gives kids from kindergarten up a firsthand look at water quality, aquatic life, and human impacts on the environment.

Scott Ellis of BaySail, the nonprofit that owns and operates the ship, says sailing helps students connect with the water around them.

“We do wetland and river observations, [and] talk about invasive species,” says Ellis. “Students will actually take water samples and test for things like pH, temperature, and turbidity.”

And students learn sailing basics like tying knots and navigation when they swap their desks for a deck on a tall ship.

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Scott Ellis explains the importance of tall ships to environmental education.

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