Sep 09

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Oil and Water: Not a Great Mix for Great Lakes

A recently introduced bill could ban vessels shipping crude oil in the Great Lakes. Listen up:

Oily waters? No tank you. (via Pixabay)

Oily waters? No tank you. (via Pixabay)

“The Great Lakes, in addition to being this great source of fresh water, are also a global oil refining hub,” explains Joel Brammeier, president of the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

He says pressure to move more crude oil to refineries in the region has been increasing. And the most direct route is across the water, which makes shipping attractive to the industry.

But crude oil transported by water is much less appealing to the communities that get their drinking water from the lakes because of the potential for accidents and spills.

Potentially good news: Two Michigan Senators recently introduced a bill that would ban vessels shipping crude oil in the Great Lakes, and increase the oversight of new and existing pipelines.

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