Apr 10

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Putting Down Native Roots

Landscaping with native plants can help stabilize the soil and protect water quality. Dig it:

Trees and other plants are nature’s water purifiers. Their roots prevent erosion. And when it rains, they slow runoff, so it filters into the ground.

Native and pretty! (via USFWS Midwest)

Native and pretty! (via USFWS Midwest)

But when landscaping for clean water, not all plants are equal. Cheryl Nenn of Milwaukee Riverkeeper says native species need less water and fertilizer, and help stabilize the soil.

“The root systems of those plants work really hard for you,” says Nenn. “Sometimes the root systems of those plants can be two or three times deeper than the above-ground plant.”

Their roots may be long, but native plants are not short on beauty. Nenn says favorites in her region include black-eyed Susans and asters.

One cool takeaway: Even a gorgeous garden can be part of the solution to water pollution.

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