Mar 23

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Donkeys and Elephants in the Great Lakes?

You should never talk politics at a party, right? Wrong—at least when it comes to bipartisan efforts to restore the Great Lakes. Listen up:

Calm waters ahead for collaboration! (via CBDM)

Calm waters ahead for collaboration on Great Lakes issues! (via CBDM)

Clean water doesn’t have to be controversial, as evidenced by the federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which funds projects that address invasive species, habitat loss, and pollution.

To learn what’s inspired elephants and donkeys to unite across party lines, we caught up with Jim Ridgway, Vice President of Environmental Consulting and Technology and a member of the Great Lakes Advisory Board.

“It has become very much a bipartisan-supported piece,” he explains. “For as many things that sometimes our respective parties don’t agree on, this seems to be one that has gotten a lot of support.”

Ridgway says this bipartisan backing has allowed big strides to be made with dam removals and streambank restorations that benefit wildlife. And that in turn serves us all—let’s hear it for partnership.

Jim Ridgway, out enjoying the waterways he helps protect. (via ECT)

Jim Ridgway: on board for restoration (via ECT)

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