Dec 20

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Tips for Little Water Conservationists

Teaching kiddos to save water is easy as ABC, with these simple ideas. Listen up:

Hear the pitter patter of little feet around your home? If so, you can teach your children how to keep their water footprints small—even as they grow in size!

clean hands

Keeping the flow low is the way to go. (via Arlington County/Flickr)

The key is to make water conservation fun and simple. Here are a few pro tips:

  • Approach it like a game: For example, teach your older kids how to read the water meter, and then see if your family can use less from week to week. Set goals and rewards for success.
  • Skip the drip: At tooth-brushing time, teach your little one to turn off the faucet—and be sure it’s all the way off to avoid any leaks.
  • Bubble time: At bath-time, point out fun reasons why you’ve filled the tub with less water than usual (more room for bubbles, anyone?). Motivate older kids to take shorter showers by making it a race, complete with a timer in the bathroom.
  • Walk the walk: As the ultimate role model, remember to always practice water conservation yourself. In turn, it’ll come more naturally to your children, too.

These simple tips will help your kids develop thoughtful lifelong habits and an appreciation for our natural resources—a total green parenting win!

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