Jul 07

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Senior Citizens Become Citizen Scientists

Superhero Seniors spring into action to save the environment:

Members of the Beaver County Senior Environment Corps identifying macroinvertebrates. (via Nature Abounds)

In Pennsylvania, a volunteer group called The Senior Environmental Corps is helping protect and monitor water resources.

“They actually have a vision of what was and what could be. They have so much experience that they can share,” says Melinda Hughes.

Melinda Hughes is president and co-founder of the nonprofit Nature Abounds, which oversees the Corps. She says projects range from environmental education to assessing stream habitat. Some seniors are even monitoring the impacts of agricultural runoff and abandoned mine drainage.

Over the past 20 years, volunteers in their golden years have donated more than two-million hours of time to the corps –and made a golden contribution to conservation.



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Why do seniors make such great environmental volunteers?  Melinda Hughes discusses a few of the most important points:

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Jump in and watch members of The Corps test stream waters (via Santana Largo):

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