Jan 11

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Got WaterSense? Handy Labels Make Sure You Do.

Sometimes labels are a good thing—like when they certify products that use water efficiently and also work really well. Listen up:

Find the appliance that helps you save from the beginning. (via EPA)

The EPA wants to help more people go with the water conservation flow.

After all, with water shortages plaguing much of the U.S., it’s becoming clear that we must use less to flush, brush, and wash. But we still want our water fixtures to work well.

So, the feds created the WaterSense label to enable consumers and contractors to easily choose water-friendly products. Certification requires optimal water use as well as top-notch performance.

According to the EPA’s Karen Wirth, WaterSense-certified toilets, faucets, spigots, shower heads, and the like are easy and plentiful to find, considering that there are currently upwards of 12,000 products out there that meet label specs.

She also points out that WaterSense-certified products save water, energy, and money—a triple win for your wallet and the world!

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