Oct 02

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Water Conservation in the Northeast

Increased demand is putting a lot of stress on the
seemingly endless supplies of water in the northeast.

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Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

Conserving water in the northeast… on this CurrentCast.

In New Jersey, where water has always been plentiful, it can be hard to wrap your head around water conservation.

Montgomery: “We tend to use water in a highly profligate and inefficient fashion.”

That’s Carleton Montgomery, Executive Director of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance. He says the majority of southern New Jersey’s water supply comes from the aquifers beneath the Pine Barrens – a wilderness area in the southern part of the state. But these aquifers are vulnerable to overuse.

He says better irrigation methods and new systems for water reuse and storage would help meet increasing demands, but we all can play a role…

Carlton Montgomery: “A tremendous amount could be done through water conservation.”

Carleton Montgomery, Pinelands Preservation Alliance

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