Dec 17

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Floating Billboard

A tropical grass capable of cleaning polluted waters is attached to a bamboo raft and floating in the Philippines.


Image courtesy: hana.com.ph

Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

A floating billboard adds up to cleaner water… on this CurrentCast.

There’s a grassy billboard in the polluted Pasig river in the Philippines, and it’s doing double duty: putting the message on the water, and…

Manarang: “It’s actually cleaning the water.”

That’s Mary Manarang, founder of Vetiver Farms in the Philippines. Her company created an 88-foot floating billboard made of Vetiver, a perennial tropical grass with roots that grow nearly ten feet deep – absorbing pollutants from the water and transforming them into plant biomass. The billboard can clean up to 8,000 gallons of water a day.

The plant floats on bamboo rafts, its leafy message spelling out this promise: “clean river soon” – reminding people to not pollute the water.

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