Dec 01

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Clean Rivers Project

Washington, DC is building a system of tunnels designed
to capture combined sewer and stormwater overflow
so it can be treated before it ends up in local rivers.


George Hawkins – image courtesy of DC Water

Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

Capturing and treating combined stormwater and sewer overflow… on this CurrentCast.

The DC Water and Sewer Authority is building a system of tunnels in our nation’s capital. The goal is to capture the combined stormwater and raw sewage overflow that’s currently discharged into the environment when pipes are full.

Hawkins: “The tunnels will convey all of that flow, millions and millions of gallons of rainwater and sewage mixed together.”

That’s DC Water Manager George Hawkins. He says when the system is completed, it will capture and treat ninety six percent of the overflow that now ends up in local rivers.

Since many older cities face similar challenges, comparable projects exist around the country in an effort to improve water quality.

Image courtesy of DC Water

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