Nov 26

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Illinois Bans Microbeads

The tiny bits of plastic found in many personal care products are piling up in waterways and being consumed by fish.


Illinois Environmental Council’s press conference about the ban, held at the Shedd Aquarium

Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

Illinois takes the lead on keeping fishy bits of plastic out of waterways… on this CurrentCast.

Many personal care products contain microbeads, or tiny bits of plastic, that are designed to exfoliate your skin. Millions of those microbeads wash down the drain every day and end up in America’s lakes, rivers, and oceans. They pile up in sediments, where fish and other marine animals gulp them down. Several states want to give microbeads the ax, but illinois took the first swing.

Jennifer Walling, Executive Director of the Illinois Environmental Council, says the ban will not take effect right away:

Walling: “Illinois’s ban, it’s sort of a phase-out between 2017 and 2019, to get these things off the shelves.”

Walling says some manufacturers have agreed to phase out the use of microbeads even before the ban takes effect.

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Jennifer Walling of the Illinois Environmental Council


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